domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

Novedad: System, de Eric Brown

Ya está a la venta System, de Eric Brown, la segunda parte de Binary. Ambas obras se han publicado también en una edición conjunta llamada Binary System

Esta son sus sinopsis:

Stranded on a hostile alien world thousands of light years from Earth, Delia Kent has no hope of ever seeing her homeworld again... and little chance of surviving the attentions of the evil locust-like aliens known as the Skelt. 
Having escaped from the Skelt and made her way halfway across the planet to meet up with other survivors from Earth, now she and her companions – accompanied by a friendly chimpanzee-like
Binary System (incluye Binary y System)
A downed terraforming ship. An ice planet. A hostile alien race. Delia Kemp has had better expeditions. 
Stranded, alone and hunted by the native Skelt for her scientific knowledge, Delia is chased across the undiscovered world of Valinda as its long winter comes to an end and a blistering summer approaches.

Strange new companions, phantasmagorical landscapes, and a death-defying dash across Valinda’s fiery equator lead Delia ever close to the valley of Mahkanda – where salvation just might be waiting…

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